Who are we?

A team dedicated to improve the quality of service in the field of IT security from development, deploying, securing system by implementing ISO standards. Development of IT policies and compliance, performing IT Assessment, IT Audits for healthcare institutions, financial institutions, hotel industry, IT industry and so on.

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Today's technology trend and usage has been changed drastically than 10 years back. It is still growing and people and technology both grown out of data consumption hunger. 
As world has been very dependent with the technology like IoT, Cloud, so and forth. We have stepped in to secure all of those infrastructure, services, applications as well as client data. 
As we have seen many institutions have been handling information security but not well managed risking the data leakage of customers effecting their personal privacy, financial and reputation risk. It's now, the time to change that. Let's prepare for next cyber attack.
"Let's walk together for strengthening Cyber security in Nepal."

What do we do

Our services are focused on cyber security improvement, implementations, and awareness


Health Care institutions holds more personal information of individuals. Proper IT Policy, IT Guidance, internal IT Audits, External Audits should be carried and implemented. 
Patient's information, institute financial information, planning documents, and so on are the valuable information available in this sector.

Financial Institution

A grade financial institutions are seen to be showing much more care and seriousness about the customer's data. Institute like this stores a life earnings of individuals. Proper maintenance of  servers, networks, applications, web services and so on should be secured by performing regular IT Assessment, IT Audits, implementing IDS, IPS, firewalls, training & awareness knowledge to IT Department as well as management teams should be carried out.

Educational Institute

Thousand of student get certified on their interested fields to get a job. But that has never been satisfied. Skilled knowledge like best practice, proper awareness still remains in their career path.
Proper training on their specific field on  their beginning of the career will help student to get a mature education and learn best practice to perform the task. Training like this can help to boost their career.

Hotels & Restaurants

It used to be about foods and accommodation facilities a couple of decade ahead.
But today due to advancement of technology, digital payment methods, different automated system i.e. IOT devices, hotels and restaurants environment must implement a proper network design system, firewall, IDS and IPS to ensure the customers data are safe while making transactions.
Hotel themselves have different application for booking, financial transactions, online payments and so. These system should be properly Audited and monitored.  

IT Industries

Developers are the backbone for transforming the traditional way of storing data into digital form. Network Administrators deploying must be trained well to increase the defense mechanism of systems. Every team of the department should be trained well to perform security assessment, testings so as to make system secure.  
System designed should be made secure. Proper IT Assessment, code testing, network testing, policy development, Audits should be done as to protect system and increase security where people trust their personal information. 


Every vendor who provides services to end user needs to see whats going on to the consumer end and in terms of cyber security it is not just consumer who needs cyber security but vendor itself needs to be secure.
They place devices to the institutes like healthcare, financial companies, hotels & restaurants and so on. Proper training, internal Audit, consulting should be provided to client's who purchase their systems.


Total satisfied users after getting our services in different fields like web securities, network security and endpoint security.


Our high end clients have implemented proper security systems for their clients information  protection.


From designing to plan and implement of our solution, they are so happy to work with us in future too.


Building cyber security skilled manpower to fill the gap. A small step towards national security.

NexLogiQ Overview

How good we think our self on particular fields. These are calculated as per reviewed by our client for our task. 
We have been working on numerous fields of Internet Information system supporting our clients with different needs.
Security Audits
Policy & Compliance Development
Website Development
Digital Marketing

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NexLogiQ provides you a platform to test, design and develop your security system. 
It's our responsibility to protect our client's information. IT Assessment, IT Policy design and development, IS Audit, Security Counseling, empowering IT staff helps your organization to fight against data theft and hacks.

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