Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a managed security services provider is the right one for your organization?

General Questions

Do you provide continuous monitoring?

NexLogiQ provides 24/7/365 continuous monitoring for our customers to protect from any cyber threats

Who do you partner with?

We have partnered with global industry leaders who has also listed as Gartner as well for security solutions such as Next Generation Firewall, Endpoint Protection, SIEM, etc.

What kind of Reports and Insights Will Your MSSP Provide and How Often?

We provide compliance, threat assessment, incident, executive and custom reports in a frequency of monthly, quarterly and annual. In case of any incident we provide report within 36 hours.

Do you support hybrid security infrastructure?

Our solution supports several vendor device and platforms weather it is cloud based, on-prem or distributed. We provide connectivity based on Protocols, APIs, Agents and IP based service.

Basics Questions

Who can I message?

Our Support team, Team lead or any available agent in your location can be contacted.

How can we get trained?

NexLogiQ provides fast-track training, online training, Workshop/ Bootcamp and OEM hosted trainings for our customers in different technologies and services.

Do you have customer training program?

We along our partners provides online or center based customer trainings which is available for you and we have different training modules as well.

Do you provide Endpoint Security?

Yes we do provide endpoint security with or with out vulnerability management, IT asset inventory and Advanced Threat Prevention for computer, laptop, mobile and servers.

Can I call for sales inquiry?

Our sales operatives will be assisting you on any sales related requirements, sales quotation, pre-sales engagement and post-sales services. We would love to get your call.

Does your solution supports multi-vendor devices?

Our solutions has been designed for customers requirement with the maximum effective use in mind. These can be implement without the downtime of your existing system and network.

Contact Our Support

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NexLogiQ provides you a platform to test, design and develop your security system. 
It's our responsibility to protect our client's information. IT Assessment, IT Policy design and development, IS Audit, Security Counseling, empowering IT staff helps your organization to fight against data theft and hacks.

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