Connect One

Our multi-vendor approach and multi-service specialization allows customers to partner with us for all of their IT needs.

Solution Specialist for all your need

All in one stop solution.

Data Center Equipment

Data Center IT equipment of all you require to up and running your mission critical or workload intensive services.

HCI Systems

Hyperconverged data center systems install, configure and management. Our service offers freemium to premium services.

Infrastructure Designs

IT Infrastructure and need analysis to fit all your budget requirement as well as technological need. We provide IT assessment consulting.

Designed for you.

We have specialized and created the data center infrastructures, storage and compute to fit your budget.


Hyperconverged compute nodes are the high performance servers built for high availability requirement.

Storage and Network

Software defined storage brought the high performance IOPS, software defined network and security.


Simplified central management system to manage all scale out storage, compute, and network.
NexLogiQ provides you a platform to test, design and develop your security system. 
It's our responsibility to protect our client's information. IT Assessment, IT Policy design and development, IS Audit, Security Counseling, empowering IT staff helps your organization to fight against data theft and hacks.

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