July 22, 2020

Getting started with AWS S3 plugin for WordPress

We, at NexLogiQ, have developed WordPress plugin that allows you to generate temporary link for files that you have stored in Amazon S3 bucket. NexLogiQ Amazon S3 Links Generator allows you to generate temporary link for files that are stored in Amazon S3 buckets. You can set time limit for how long (in minutes) you want user to be able to access temporary links.


Before you can use this plugin, you must have Amazon S3 account. You can create an account from the Amazon site on this link.

Step 1: Getting Secret id and keys from amazon

  • You must generate Amazon S3 access key id and secret access key from your account
  • You can follow Amazon S3 guide from this link to generate access key id and secret access key

Step 2: Set access key id and secret key in the plugin

  • Set access id and key that you have obtained from Step 1 on the settings page of the plugin.
Settings page of the plugin

Step 3: Creating new temporary link

Once you have set access key id and secret key, we can start creating temporary links.

  • Create new link post a
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